About Us

Our Company:

Flint Limousine has been in the business of providing first class limousines, and more recently, party buses since 2008. In that time we've established a standard for business which is elevated far above the competition which has made us become known as the most reliable and reputable company in town! We strive for this high standard because you, the customer, deserves nothing but the finest vehicles and the highest possible level of customer service.

How we achieve our lofty goals:

Flint Limousine is tireless in it's pursuit of excellence. This extends to every single aspect of our business... our maintenance crew, our mechanics, our booking agents, the customer service representatives, and last but not least, our professional chauffeurs. We have found that being picky when it comes to our staffing choices allows us to extend to you, the best experience possible. Everyone here cares about making you happy, satisfied, and back home safe at the end of our journey together. Our customer service is always top rated and we work hard to keep it that way!

What our high standards mean for you:

In short, it means you receive nothing but excellence in all stages of your process with us. Our customer service agents are courteous and efficient. Our buses are impeccably maintained, and always clean. Perhaps most importantly, our chauffeurs are the best in the region. We make sure that we hire only the most professional, personable, and accommodating chauffeurs in our service area. This way we know that while you're on the road with us, you are sure to receive the very best service that can be afforded to you. We want to be sure that you are treated like royalty, and literally will roll out the red carpet for you if the situation calls for it!