We are happy to be able to provide service for any and all events imaginable, and do it with professionalism and utmost style and class.

Peruse the following list to get an idea about our most commonly served events:

Birthday Parties:

If you are looking for an experience to take a Birthday celebration into the stratosphere, we have just the thing. Take the celebration on the road as you and your friends have a blast on one of our special vehicles while traveling safely to some amazing venues around town.


When it comes to the biggest day in your life, you should be thinking convenience first and foremost. The last thing you want to happen is a mishap or someone from your wedding party not making it to where they are suppsed to be. With one of our special vehicles, not only will there be plenty of room for everyone to love around, but your group will be together for the whole day.

Bachelor Parties:

If our vehicles were tailor made for anything, it is this kind of event. Believe us when we tell you that the party will truly never end because you are going to have just as much fun on board one of our beauties as you will at the venues you visit.

Bachelorette Parties:

Are you ready for a girls night one. Someone in your group is celebrating their upcoming wedded bliss but before that happens there last to be one last go round. So, get all of your girlfriends together and ride with us for awhile, we are going to have a blast.

Concerts & Festivals:

For all music lovers out there, if you join with us we can do great things together. Not only will you and your group have a lot of fun while on board, think about the convenience of being dropped off near your venue and then picked back up at the same place. This is the way to go trust us.

Tailgate Parties:

These limos and party buses were made to tailgate! Imagine being the envy of the entire stadium as you tailgate in ultimate style, and take advantage of all the amenities we give you. TVs, coolers, comfortable seats, and great sound systems are all a boon to a successful tailgate party. With our vehicles, you get them all!

Sports Games:

There is really no finer way to get to the game with your friends! Start partying the moment you get picked up, enjoy the game, and party all the way home. You'll know you have a safe ride back with us so you can enjoy a few beers at the game!